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Failure to conform is a basis for considering a residential unit untenantable. The regulation also authorizes cities and counties to make and implement ordinances that present higher protections and penalties.

This law prohibits a business from looking for to obtain medical data from an individual for direct marketing purposes with out, clearly disclosing how the data might be used and shared, and getting the individual’s consent. Legal and Civil Rights of Persons Involuntarily Detained – California Welfare & Institutions Code section 5328. This legislation offers for the confidentiality of the records of people who find themselves voluntarily or involuntarily detained for psychiatric analysis or remedy. This legislation prohibits employers from recording an employee in a restroom or room designated for altering garments, unless approved by courtroom order, subject to certain exceptions. Veterans’ Discharge Papers, Notice of Public Record Status – California Government Code part 27337. This law addresses the chance of id theft created when army veterans file their DD214s, which contain their SSN, with their county recorders. It requires the recorders to provide such a veteran a written form indicating that the document turns into public when it is recorded.

This legislation was initially supposed to restrict the situations under which a video rental or gross sales outlet could disclose personally identifiable information about shoppers, including viewing history. This law was just lately amended to enable sharing of viewing history, nonetheless with shoppers’ written consent, on Internet websites corresponding to Facebook and Netflix. Robocalls – Public Utilities Code sections This regulation requires calls made by computerized dialing asserting gadgets, or robocalls, to be introduced by a stay individual. There are certain exceptions, including emergency calls type police, hearth or emergency service businesses. A reality sheet on what to do about such calls (“When are robocalls legal?”) is available from the California Public Utilities Commission at

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Supermarket Club Card Act – California Civil Code section 1749.60 and following. This law prohibits supermarket membership card issuers from requesting driver’s license numbers or Social Security numbers, and from selling or sharing personal buyer information; restricted exemption for membership card stores. Social Security Numbers in Abstracts of Judgments, Decrees, and Tax Liens – Code of Civil Procedure part 674 and California Revenue & Taxation Code part 2191.three. These laws delete the previous provisions requiring that abstracts of judgments, decrees requiring the payment of cash, and tax collector liens contain the complete SSN of the judgment debtor or assessee. Instead, such paperwork might include solely the last 4 digits of the SSN. Physical & Constructive Invasions of Privacy – California Civil Code part 1708.eight.

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This regulation defines physical invasion of privacy when it comes to trespassing in order to capture an image, sound recording or different impression in certain circumstances. It also defines constructive invasion of privateness as making an attempt to capture such an impression under circumstances during which the plaintiff had an inexpensive expectation of privateness. Motor Vehicle Dealer Data Access – California Vehicle Code section 11713.3 and 11713.25 This law prohibits auto producers and distributors from accessing, modifying, or extracting information from an auto supplier’s computer system with out offering safeguards to guard that data.