Studying at Law School: Don’t Believe Myths!

The dissemination of information is increasingly massive, presenting a variety of news that we need. However, the news circulating is not all reliable and unfounded. Ian must have heard the myths about a particular department law school. The Department of Law, for example, is one of the majors that cannot be separated from these myths. This time, the Blog will straighten out those myths for you. Anything?

law department

1. Law Lecturers Must Memorize Articles in the Law

This is the most widely circulated myth. Good thing this is just a myth! Law students don’t need to memorize the sound of the laws and regulations, really! If you want to know the sound of the articles in a regulation, just read the laws and regulations.

Apart from being difficult to memorize all the laws and regulations in this country, the content of the laws and regulations is also always changing. If we have to memorize, what if the contents of the regulation change? Great PR, right!

What law students must master are critical thinking and analytical skills, Ian. The student must know where he can find the rules about a thing, what is the purpose of these rules, what is the relationship between these rules and other rules. With critical thinking skills and analytical skills, he can find out how to apply these articles in a case. Enlightened?

2. Law Faculty Graduates Can Only Become Judges, Prosecutors or Lawyers

It is true that some of those who go to law school aspire to become lawyers, judges or prosecutors. However, there are many other professions outside the three professions that can be undertaken by law school graduates, you know, Ian. Work in the legal division of a company, for example, or the legal division of a government agency or agency.

Law graduates can also become notaries, regulatory drafters, diplomats, researchers, lecturers, journalists, and others. Becoming a lawyer or advocate is also still divided again, there are those who become public advocates and advocates who work in law firms. There are also advocates who work in law firms who carry out litigation, namely taking proceedings in court, while others focus on handling corporate or corporate business transactions.

In essence, there are many professional choices for law school graduates. If you don’t believe it, try opening a job vacancy on the internet for fun! There are so many who need law graduates!

3. If you become a judge or prosecutor, even a lawyer, there will be many sins and go to hell

“If you become a judge, prosecutor, even a lawyer, you will have many sins and will go to hell.” Do you often hear this statement? Or maybe it was you who got the advice? Duh, do not be easy to believe, yes!

It must be admitted that corruption is still rampant in the judiciary. We often read in the media about judges, prosecutors or lawyers being arrested for giving or receiving bribes.