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Patient Access to Health Records – California Health & Safety Code section and following. With minor limitations, this regulation provides sufferers the proper to see and replica information maintained by health care providers regarding the sufferers’ well being situations. The law additionally offers sufferers the proper to submit amendments to their data, if the patients believe that the data are inaccurate or incomplete.

Health Facilities Data Breach – California Health & Safety Code section 1280.15. This regulation requires certain health amenities to forestall unlawful or unauthorized entry to, or use or disclosure of, a patient’s medical information. It sets fines and notification necessities for breaches of affected person medical data and requires services to report such breaches to the California Department of Public Health. Birth and Death Record Indices – California Health and Safety Code sections , , and . This legislation exempts specified compilations of birth and demise information, known as indices, from disclosure under the California Public Records Act. The State Registrar is required to ascertain separate non-comprehensive indices for public release, which don’t contain Social Security numbers or mother’s maiden names. Requesters of the indices should provide proof of identity and sign a form certifying, under penalty of perjury, that they may comply with prescribed utilization pointers.

Telecommunications Customer Privacy – California Public Utilities Code sections .10. This regulation bars telecommunications companies from disclosing the calling patterns, personal monetary info or other specified private info of residential subscribers without first getting written consent of the subscriber. There are some exceptions, including disclosure for the aim of debt assortment, for responding to a 911 name, and as required by legal course of. It also requires, among different issues, that phone firms must give annual notice to subscribers that calling an 800 or 900 quantity could result in the disclosure of the subscriber’s telephone number to the referred to as get together. Social Security Number Confidentiality in Family Court Records – California Family Code part 2024.5.

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It additionally establishes criteria for the review and approval of the request. Public Record Exemption for Sex Offense Victims – California Government Code part 6254 and California Penal Code part 293. These laws prohibit the disclosure of the names and addresses of victims of specific intercourse-related crimes in documents supplied in response to requests for records, including responses provided under the California Public Records Act.

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This legislation establishes a procedure for keeping SSNs confidential in court filings for authorized separation, dissolution, or nullification of marriage. Research Use of Personal Information – California Civil Code part 1798.24 and Welfare and Institutions Code section 10850.