How to Deal with Sibling Competition?

Differing opinions and disputes are actually normal things between siblings competition. In fact, this can be seen as a process of growth as well as a process whereby brothers can accept and understand one another. But of course, competition between siblings must be watched out for if it is excessive or starts to become unhealthy.

siblings competition

Mom and dad may feel overwhelmed and at a loss for what to do when this happens over and over again. However, don’t worry! Anything?

Tips for Wise Responding to Competition between Siblings

In addressing sibling rivalry, the first thing that fathers and mothers must understand is the fact that every child is unique in their own way. Well, that of course will affect the nature, mindset, and way of behaving. Of course this will also be related to the ability to accept something, so that parents can adjust their ways of responding to the competition that occurs between children.

However, in general there are several ways to address sibling rivalry that parents can try, including:

1. Appreciate the Same Way

When dealing with competition between children, make sure parents respect children in the same way. After that, try to find a middle way and unite the uniqueness of each child. For example, give children gifts or items according to their individual preferences and needs, not forcing them to give the exact same gift.

2.Don’t Compare

Of course, children will grow and develop into individuals who may be different even though they come from the same family and upbringing. This is what parents need to understand first, so there is no need to compare one child with another, especially when there is competition between siblings. Because, the habit of comparing children will only make the atmosphere worse and can cause feelings of jealousy in the baby.

3.Do not Interfere

Let the children understand and survive within each other’s abilities. However, that doesn’t mean mom and dad just let go. Parents should continue to pay attention, assist, and take a stand if the competition between children has started to go wrong.

4. Listen and Show Love

One of the best ways to solve problems is to listen. If the rivalry between siblings continues and never ends, try to invite your little one to talk and listen to what is the reason for the fight. If that’s not possible, try taking turns talking to the children. After that, show love from parents, so that children feel safe and convey that fighting cannot always solve problems.