How to build good cooperation

The definition of cooperation is a work system that is done by two or more people to get a mutually agreed goal. Cooperation in the work team is a necessity in achieving work achievements and achievements. Cooperation in the work team will be a driving force that has energy and synergy for individuals who are members of teamwork. Communication will work well based on it.
Humans in daily activities can not be separated from the interaction of fellow humans, both positive and negative. Here I try to share how to establish good relationships with friends or with people we don’t know.

Here’s how to invite friendships:

1. Honor friends, friends are usually the same age as us, and some are even older than us, by agreeing that we should respect the older.
2. Not kidding too much. If we joke about small things it might not be a problem, but if it has exceeded the limit, then the relationship can be immediately recaptured.
3. Occasional gatherings. Usually if there is time for our friends to hangout together to the mall to eat or ask for a way, this is done to familiarize ourselves. Not too often because it will eat saturated.
4. Help, help your friends if there are difficulties, remember please be positive. Do not occasionally help friends if you wrongly request legal assistance.
5. Worship in congregation, besides getting multiple rewards, worshiping with friends will be more familiar with friends.
6. Remember each other, it is necessary because human nature is forgetful.
7. Share, give each other if you have more fortune.

Learn to appreciate

Basically everyone wants to move, no matter whether he is a person of rank or not, a person who is poor or rich, people who are religious or not religious, people who are ethnic or people who are not, tribes who all want to be proportionate. However, many people among us do not want to win other people. While respecting others does not mean giving something of value. For example. This is very important to do in building good relationships. If you want to go back to someone else, then you have to go home first.

Learning to Respect

Everyone always wants to be welcomed. Therefore, we must not respect others because they have rank or position. We need to respect others, if we see other people doing something good. We also need to respect people who are more or more advanced than us. Or in other words, create a meeting of mutual respect between us.


Helping is a noble act, for example helping someone who is in distress or helping someone to accomplish something. Helping doesn’t have to spend money. Therefore be a helpful person. But remember to help don’t remember.

Want to understand

The attitude of wanting to understand the situation of others is basically a very commendable behavior. Cause, people who have an attitude of understanding others who need awareness that must be grown from within the deepest conscience. Therefore in a good relationship, we need to understand other people without seeing fur. Hope we must avoid being indifferent or not caring about the people around us.

Want to praise Praise

If we see our friends achieving in any field because of hard and honest results, then we must give praise to our friends with complete sincerity. Because, giving praise in accordance with the circumstances, intended without making up, will have a positive influence on our friends, while the praise we give is in accordance with the slightest form. Therefore, in order to foster a good relationship between friends, let’s ask for stingy praise.

Want to be given motivation

A person’s life journey does not always go smoothly, meaning that there are times when he overcomes problems, such as discouragement or hopelessness and so on, so he reduces enthusiasm, laziness, lack of enthusiasm. If we have friends who improve that way, then good friends will provide motivation, so that our friends grow back to self-confidence. Therefore, in a good relationship, we must be very clever to give motivation, especially to friends who are fixing problems.